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Guangzhou CORO Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. attached to BIONE(HK) INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., is one of the renowned manufacturers, suppliers, exporters of Air Curtain / Air Door, include Air Door, Ventilation Equipment, AC Electric Motor.

Our company consists of a team of professionals, manufacturing & exporting high quality Air Door, Ventilation Equipment, AC Electric Motor. Our secret of success has been our management's policy of adhering to business ethics in its dealing with customers. Our policy is to achieve total customer satisfaction by providing them with finest Air Curtain products and services that meet or exceed their expectations. We assure you of on-time delivery of quality Air Curtain products backed by prompt and attentive after sale service.

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So far, we have established firm trade relationships with many countries and territories, throughout the world, including India, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia, Pakistan, U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Oman, Jordan, U.A.E, Yemen, Israel, France, Poland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia etc.

Air curtain is generated by a strong cross-flow wind wheel air, forming an invisible curtain.
Residential Air Curtain is installed on the top of the entrance door in the refrigeration, air conditioning, dust, heat-free shopping malls, theaters, hotels, restaurants, conference hall, cold storage, operation room and home. Air curtain can be used to separate the indoor and outdoor air, which not only makes it convenient to go in and out, but also prevents the exchange of indoor and outdoor hot and cold air. At the same time, it also has the functions to prevent dust, pollution and mosquito. Air curtain is widely used in electronics, instrumentation, pharmaceutical, food, precision machining, chemical, footwear, and services, business and so on.
Electric Air Door super-high performance:
Fan with novel design has the characteristics of high speed, low noise and low power. Confidential false blast of wind screen machines feature the largest number of play.
High-speed air curtain:
Fan extracts air from outside air to form a strong air flow, which causes a big pressure. When the distance between the air entrance of Industrial Air Curtain and the ceiling is at least 50mm, it can meet the required performance.
Low-noise air curtain:
Low-noise fan and a new improved shell can reduce the noise. Under normal circumstances, Restaurant Air Curtain can achieve an average of about 10dB.
Air curtain features and functions
Air curtain can generate high-speed airflow and divide indoor and outdoor into two separate temperature regions, creating comfortable indoor environment, maintaining good performance of indoor air conditioning and air purification. It is not used to save energy, but to help air circulation and effective separation of dust, smoke, microorganisms such as odor and insects. Air door, which is formed by preventing the cold (warm) gas outflow and saving the electricity, can effectively prevent the cold (warm) air leaks, save electricity, and divide the indoor and outdoor into two separate temperature regions. While the air-conditioning is operating for a long time, it can assist circulation and regulate the temperature to save energy and improve the environment. Dust-free and pest-free air curtain generates high-speed air flow and forms a protected door. It can effectively block dust and flies and keep the indoor clean. Air curtain which has functions to prevent smoke and harmful gases, can block oil smoke and spicy flavor from flowing in every corner of indoor area, and block industrial emissions, car exhaust and other harmful gases into the room. Poor air circulation in the gym, movie theaters, entertainment, etc. due to large space, the uneven distribution of energy generated when the air conditioner, Commercial Air Curtain's air circulation system can help to achieve a balanced indoor temperature.
With three sides into the wind and a broader panel, it can take apart and clean more conveniently. High-quality motor can assure a high speed wind to ensure 2.5-3m / s wind speed, to ensure the isolation effect and a more beautiful appearance. Two pairs of intensive support structure is more strong, and by optimizing the design , the wheel has a low wind volume, low noise. Impeller, a whole structure with balanced wind, can form a uniform air curtain. The wind-screen machine is all-metal shell structure, with high fire-free performance, compact overall structure, easy installation, easy cleaning and easy maintenance. Computer optimized motor design, it has reliable performance that can run more than 5000 hours without failure. The air curtain adopts strong plastic impeller with glass fiber material and high-quality impeller with aluminum alloy structure. The strength, rigidity, corrosion resistance of the impeller resist deformation, especially suitable for areas that have a large concentration of soot. Such Air Curtains has Chiaki switch control and a high and low speed-control, which is suitable for the requirements of the different sites.
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